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Subject Topic: Top 7 Bongs and Dab Rigs for Bong Lovers Post Reply Post New Topic
Message posted by upamfva on 19 December 2021 at 8:40pm - IP Logged
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03 May 2021
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Top 7 Bongs and Dab Rigs for Bong Lovers In 2021

Numerous trends and upgrades have started to emerge in the arena of bongs and dab rigs ever since 2021 began. With all these latest trends, why not try upgrading your dab kit as well? Initially, there were many eye-catching dab rigs, and bongs and people have still not stopped obsessing over a few of them to date. However, this year introduces dab rigs and bongs that are pretty different compared to what smokers usually come across. Whether you are a bong lover or only developing an interest in it, you must get one for yourself. To get more news about recycler rig for sale, you can visit sharebongs.com official website.

Are you planning to invest in a quality bong or dab rig but wonder how to choose the best one? Dive right in to find out the list of top dab rigs and bongs available on the market today.
16" Glow in the Dark Orange Spiderman Bong
This small glass beaker bong has an exceptional Spiderman design that puts it aside from the rest. Not only does the design glow in the dark, but it is also made from shatter-resistant, premium, and high-quality glass. This adds to the bong’s value and makes it long-lasting and durable as well. Given below is a detailed analysis of the features.

Aesthetic design

The Spiderman bong differs from various bongs available on the market. The design may look straightforward and something you’d want to purchase for your kid, but upon a closer look, you will notice an aesthetic Spiderman design that sets it apart from the rest.

Moreover, the design is a plus feature for the bong as it glows in the dark. It’s something cool to have when you invite your friends over.

Glow in the dark

The intricate spider web design becomes even more visible when you switch off the light, and it glows in the dark. The Spiderman bong, which is named after its design and feature, serves its purpose quite well. You can use this durable and elegant beaker bong for ages. It also has the facility of ice pinch, thus, making your experience even better.

10″ Soul Recycler Oil rig Dabs/Bong

For all Rig Dabs and Bong lovers, the Soul Recycler is one bong that you should purchase. The attractive design and quality of this product ensure that people have a great smoking experience. A banger and bowl come along with this rig. It also provides you the option to choose between different oils and herbs when you use them.

The Soul Recycler bong is advertised as amber-colored oil rig dabs and has three attractive colors. The combination of these three colors makes it a stunning piece that brings life to any party. Its durability and long-lasting quality have also made it a popular choice amongst people.

Oil and herbs

The Soul Recycler Oil Rig Dabs offers you the choice between oils and herbs since it functions equally well with oil-based and herb-based products. Besides, this bong is currently available at the price of $89.99, which is a bit costly compared to other similar products. Regardless of this, the bong’s professional design, color, and experience are worth the price.

10 inches

The Soul Recycler Oil Rig is an amber-colored stunning piece that stands 10” tall. The height of this bong will enable you to take solid hits and enjoy your ground marijuana, oils, or concentrates to their fullest. The bong’s size will also let you enjoy the flavors to their purest.

6.5 Oil burner water pipe
Want to try something that gives you solid hits and isn’t a bong? Go for this glass dab rig. On average, glass dab rigs are a little bit smaller than bongs and a bit larger than bubblers. The cooling and vaporizing technique ensures that you’ll have a cooling effect when inhaling the substance.

The cooling effect is significant for people who have just started smoking. Even if the substance hits you hard, you wouldn’t feel any discomfort in your throat. The Oil burner water pipe has a base size of 6.5 inches, and the joint is 14 mm in size, making it perfect for a one-time purchase.

6.5 inches

The Oil burner water pipe merely stands 6.5 inches tall. Even though it is meager in size, it satisfies you and gives you an experience equal to that of any bong. The small height of the glass dab rig ensures that the concentrates and essential oils travel smoothly. You can also easily carry it around.

14 mm joint size

The size of the joint attached to this glass dab rig is 14 mm. The pipe is straight and allows the smoke to travel smoothly. The smoke gets quickly diffused, and you get a strong hit while using this 6.5 inches glass dab rig. On inhaling, the smoke travels through the downpipe, which is connected to the extended mouthpiece. This extended mouthpiece ensures that you remain comfortably seated while using this small glass dab rig. You wouldn’t have to move front or back or try changing your positions now and then.

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